Omid Nezam

People, Product, and Design Enthusiast

omid nezam

Hi, I am Omid, and "on the line" since I was 13. I started creating websites when the most popular search engine was "Lycos" and people dialed into the internet with AOL CDs.

What I do

My love for aesthetics on the web and feasibility made me study the stuff and understand design and communication more deeply. Over the past 20 years, I have stepped into various fields and managed offline and online touchpoints, 15+ years of it professionally.

I'm a product-loving director living in Hamburg. I represent the interface between offline and online, user and product, and stakeholder and tech team. I adore making decisions based on data-driven tests but even more to understand when to put brand goals over data. The sweet spot between customers' emotional connection and loyalty to a brand makes me passionate and encourages me to create aesthetic, seamless, and value-providing solutions.

I currently work as Director of Digital Brand Experience at Closed GmbH, a fashion brand est. 1978 with a sustainable mission. My mission here is to close the gap between stakeholders and techies and bring the current e-commerce platform to a new level. Here we are moving from a monolith e-commerce solution toward microservices. Being responsible for a 24/7 available shop and its cutting-edge design and technology makes this stop fun and enjoyable.

Before that, I worked as Lead Brand Experience at LOTTO24 AG, Germany's market leader in the lottery e-commerce business. I assisted in developing new products and went beyond standards to create new models that exceeded customers' expectations. Being a part of the bigger UX team, I was able to do research with actual users and analyze their behavior to understand their needs and goals. I could serve them with perfectly customized products and social media postings with this info.

Previously, I had worked as an Art or Creative Director in various advertising agencies, always building well-designed and seamless touchpoints for brands in different areas.

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How I work

It is crucial to understand users and their behavior and put this first, then use Design-Thinking methods to create successful products, systems, and services. By considering usability, aesthetics, and context, I can assist you in creating solutions that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to your users or customers.

All in all I can help you with:

  • Research & Analysing
  • Concepting
  • Experience Design
  • Software Engineering
  • Hosting Infrastucture & Cloud
  • Business Strategy & Innovation
  • Managing People
  • Coaching & Enabling
  • Managing Products

In other words, I can assist you in defining your goals, enabling your team, and achieving the goals by keeping track of OKRs. A strong brand experience is essential for building a successful presence and reputation as it not only reflects the values and personality of a brand but also provides value to the consumer and helps create an emotional connection with the brand.

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Side business?

Being active for over 20 years in this area and not having a business would sound weird. Wouldn't it?

In line with this, I partly work as a lecturer at HTK Academy and teach the latest UI/UX stuff and basic web design coding.

Get in touch

Do you have any questions? Feel free to drop a line and let's meet for a coffee offline or "on the line".

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